Burlington, VT — There is a business shakeup in the heart of downtown Burlington, as a restaurant that has been a fixture in the Church Street Marketplace is closing, but the historic building’s doors won’t be shut for too long.

Sweetwaters announced this morning on it’s Facebook page that it will be closing as of Labor Day. Another tenant will be moving in quickly, as Pascolo Italian Restaurant will be moving from it’s current location further up on Church Street.

Sweetwaters opened in 1981, the first year for the Church Street Marketplace, and for four decades, it has called 118 Church Street home. Now, Sweetwaters owner David Melincoff says it is time to move on. In the meantime, Jed Davis, owner of the Farmhouse Group is moving in, bringing Pascolo Ristorante down Church Street. Melincoff says he is already looking for a new occupant for Pascolo’s current location.

Sweetwaters has been a fixture on Church Street and was known for many events including the annual Thanksgiving Community Dinner and coat drive. The Farmhouse Group will “make efforts to retain the current Sweetwaters staff, as well as the Thanskgiving Day Community Dinner.”

The manager at Sweetwaters says this is the end of an era, but with some businesses closing their doors, new businesses have the opportunity to grow. This is just part of an ever-changing culture the pandemic has brought on.

One such business, the Belleville Bakery & Catering will be moving to a new location on College Street in September.

“I can’t think of a better location for us,” said Shelley MacDonald, owner of Belleville Bakery & Catering. “I think there’s lots of opportunity for something new. Church Street was pretty stable for a long time, with a lot of tenants there for years and years and years so it’s sort of like a re-shuffling – and the pandemic, of course, encouraged some of that. But maybe it was due for a little bit of change and newness.”

MacDonald and her family moved to Vermont from Paris during the pandemic and began her business baking out of her kitchen. She has been looking for a new location for months, when a storefront on College Street became available.

“I think it’s fantastic, I mean honestly – Church Street, when we were tourists here before we moved here, everybody goes to Church Street, at least once, walks around, there’s so many great options already.”

MacDonald says she is glad there’s room for new business owners like herself to move into the area and that the Church Street area is a positive location to move into, and she feels welcomed by the community.