Saturday was a day full of reconnecting and reminiscing as generations of campers returned to Camp Hochelaga for its centennial celebration.
“We’re really excited to be able to celebrate 100 years of history of camp for women and girls,” said Camp Director, Hannah Bogard.
Camp Hochelaga has offered summer camp to girls ages 6-17 since 1919.
“We left teary eyed at the end of every summer and a bunch of us got teary eyed when we came back,” said Trine, a former camper. “There’s a real heart center here.”
Barbara, Brenda, and Trine all attended camp in the 50’s, 60’s. and 70’s as young girls and then worked as counselors. It’s been 45 years since the trio has been back together.
“Camp was such a big part of who I am today. You learn to be self-sufficient and independent, and cooperative. It’s amazing how it molds you.”
Today’s campers agree that it’s a special place.
“It’s my favorite place to be in the summer, it’s like my second home sort of,” said Gracie, a current camper.
“Just hanging out and having fun doing activities here and meeting new people, which is the coolest thing having relationships like that,” said camper Addison. 
Staff say it’s the sense of community that has helped the camp withstand 100 years.
“I think camp celebrates this level of success because we’re so focused on building community,” Bogard said. “Because that community piece is so front and center at everything we do, people who went here in the 40’s are back today feeling the same attachment to camp Hochelaga as a place that they call home.”
Camp Hochelaga is the last operating Young Women’s Christian Association overnight camp in the country.