A group of local artists inspired by the recent flooding in Vermont are trying to construct the world’s biggest bath bomb to bring awareness to climate change and the need for clean water.

“It was a direct response to the flood, but it grew bigger,” said Jake Blend, whose team has big ideas for what they call the ‘mother of all bath bombs.’

“It’s not just the floods, it’s climate change.”

Blend says the idea sprouted while brainstorming. “I love bath bombs so much, I thought, ‘What if I came up with a new product?’”

Blend uses molds to make four-inch dice, but had the idea to use the molds to form bath bombs. But it didn’t work. “I was left over with about 10 pounds of bath bomb mix, and I was like, I want to treat myself, make the biggest one I can.”

The current Guinness record for biggest bath bomb dates back to 2018. It was made in Indiana and weighs 200 lbs.

Blend says lots of research goes into breaking a world record, and in this case, a lot of math. He had to calculate the diameter, circumference, and density needed to make a bath bomb big enough to break the record.

He’s shooting for a 300 lb. bath bomb that will be constructed to be safe for the environment.

“With enough funding, we’ll have bioengineered bacteria that will help clean up the site, and reduce and pretty much digest microplastics.”

 “The bath bomb will be pH neutral,” he said. “It only produces CO2 gas, and it’s all natural, up until the dyes.”

Max Kravitz, founder of the Carol Faye Conservation Co., says the team is bringing ideas of purity and self-care to the field of toxic waste.

“The idea of a bomb is usually something very masculine, something very aggressive,” he says, “but we’re doing a bath bomb.”

Another member of the five-person team is Will C, artist at Green Door Studio. He’s helping to make sure the dyes are all natural.

“Discussing water and the environment can be a really heavy thing,” he says, “and I live every day with heavy things, and I view art and making things beautiful and creative as a way to add levity to very serious and real situations.”

Blend’s team is hoping to launch the bath bomb in the barge canal during Art Hop in Burlington’s South End. Their aim is to unite Vermonters in a creative way. Blend created a GoFundMe for his efforts to break this world record.

“In tragedy, sometimes the best medicine is laughter,” Blend said.