Roxham Road has had Canadian and the United States Government’s converge for years because of the unofficial border crossing site.

Originally reported by the New York Times, thousands of people from all over the world make the trip to the end of Roxham Road every year to seek asylum in Canada. Some Canadian government officials are trying close the crossing for good.

The Premiere of Quebec wrote a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asking him to close the border, saying the influx of people has overextended their social services.

An anonymous driver from MM Taxi, located in Plattsburgh, NY, brings people to the border every day. He believes if the crossing is closed, people won’t stop coming. They will just have to make much more dangerous, and often freezing, trips to try and get into Canada.

The driver said he sees people from all over the world trying to escape the turmoil from their home countries, including Europe, Africa, and Russia.

Asylum seekers typically take a Greyhound Bus from New York City to Plattsburgh, where the cab then picks them up to take them to the border. The MM Taxi driver with said he typically sees 10 people a day on average.

The political pressure on Trudeau comes as illegal immigration by land from Canada into the United States has increased by nearly 850% over the last year in the Swanton sector, according to U.S. border officials.

Asylum seekers are told they will be arrested once they go through the crossing at Roxham Road for entering Canada illegally, but are released soon after. They often are able to find shelter and jobs within a few months.