Colchester, VT — On Thursday morning, a car flipped following a two-vehicle crash at the corner of Severance Road and Roosevelt Highway. First responders reported no major injuries and no one was transported to the hospital. According to Colchester Police Corporal Jaime Bressler, multiple witnesses stayed on the scene to offer their firsthand accounts.

“It’s still under investigation at this point because we are having conflicting stories from operators that were involved,” said Cpl. Bressler. “We have quite a few witnesses that have been identified. There’s some confusion right now about the lights, and whether or not an operator ran one of the red lights. So we have some witnesses from both directions, both north and south, that saw the light and are giving conflicting stories, and so we just don’t know at this point.”

The operator of the other vehicle said his dog was in the car with him, attached to a dog seatbelt and was glad that the seatbelt and airbags prevented any serious injuries.

Traffic was redirected from the intersection and roads were fully cleared within 45 minutes after the crash.