BURLINGTON, Vt. – On Monday, Burlington Public Works offered new details about the Champlain Parkway project, which is expected to begin later this year.

Officials hope to begin first phase construction by late June after receiving only one bid from S.D. Ireland and Kubricky Construction.

The bid came in slightly over $40 million, 57 percent higher than city engineers’ estimate for the work.

“One of the specific challenges of the parkway, because its such a large project spread over time, contractors are covering their risks by setting a higher price than you’d normally anticipate,” said City Engineer Norm Baldwin.

Public Works Director Chapin Spencer said with a windfall of federal money coming to Vermont for infrastructure projects, there’s a lot of competition and that’s also factored into the bid price.

“We are struggling in this environment to get a robust bidding culture, and I think ultimately we would end up working with the council on how we can frame our work in a way that will encourage more proposals to be submitted,” Spencer said.

The project’s origins date back to the 1960s, and for the past three years, it had been at a standstill due to environmental concerns.

It was originally pitched as a major highway cutting directly through Burlington’s South End, but the modern day plans are more scaled back with a goal of drawing industrial site traffic away from neighborhood streets.

The project would also include two extra miles of pedestrian and bike paths, reconstructed sidewalks on Pine Street, and improved drainage systems for stormwater.

The Public Works department’s full memo to city council about the project can be found here.