The long-awaited giant Christmas tree finally arrived to Church Street’s top block, but not without transportation challenges. Before the iconic tree could be put up, it was hauled all the way from South Burlington.

Director of the Church Street Marketplace Kara Alnasrawi says finding this year’s Christmas tree was no easy task. They searched for weeks with no luck. But finally, a South Burlington family decided to donate their tree.

Alnasrawi tells us the type of tree she likes to look for; “Colorado Blue Spruce, mostly because that’s a very robust kind of tree that doesn’t lose its needles for the entire time that it’s up here, so that’s definitely helpful.”

Bur bringing a roughly 40-foot tall tree across town isn’t as easy as it looks. It took the crew a few hours to cut it down and load it onto the truck. For the tree’s large size, traffic backed up as the truck moved less than 10 miles an hour, even getting stuck at the last turn before Church Street.

Alnasrawi notes, “we really believe it’s a community tree, it brings a lot of joy to the community, it stays up for over a month. We really feel that it brings joy to the entire community, not just the street.”

The lights on the tree will be lit on Friday, November 25th at 6pm by a three-year-old Make-a-Wish child. New this year, the lights will also have a picturesque twinkling effect.