Plattsburgh, NY — After more than five years without a contract, the Plattsburgh Police Union reached an agreement with the City of Plattsburgh.

The new deal is a 9 year contract, that will be retroactive to 2017 and last through 2025. The contract includes a 1.5% payroll increase, and will also increase base pay.

The next step will be approval of the City Common Council, which is scheduled to meet on Thursday to discuss and vote on the contract. Mayor Christopher Rosenquest says the deal is good for everyone in Plattsburgh, even though it took a while to get there.

“That’s key for us to ensure that we have a good workforce and that we’re attractive as an employer, that we can retain that talented workforce,” said Rosenquest. “Not only bring them in new, but also keep them towards the end of their career as well.” 

The $1.17 million due in retroactive pay increases to the police department will be made in two payments, one when the contract is ratified, and the other in about six months. According to Rosenquest, people who live in Plattsburgh will not see an increase in their taxes, as the retroactive payments are already in this year’s budget.