Plattsburgh, NY — Downtown Plattsburgh will soon be seeing some big changes, from parking to new construction. Beginning in October, paid parking for the lots downtown will be enforced but the free two hour on-street parking remains free.

Mayor Christopher Rosenquest said his office has received many complaints about the lack of parking downtown and is hopeful this will address the issue.

“A lot of people who do come downtown to do business, to grab a coffee, to do some shopping, or go to lunch, they will see zero impact and will not have to pay for parking; it’s those people who want to stay here for longer, or they’re working downtown, and we want them to get off of the streets and into the long-term parking lots.”

Lynn Reznick, owner of Lake City Coworking says she is skeptical about the new parking policy. “It’s a bit nerve-wracking to be opening a month before these new parking regulations go into effect- and I think change is always tough. I know it may feel prohibitive for people at first, so I’m hoping it doesn’t actually have a large negative impact, I know some people are concerned about.”

There will be year-long parking permits available for purchase starting mid-September, meaning people who live in Plattsburgh will not have to pay for parking every day.

Lake City Coworking is another change coming to downtown. It is a membership based shared office space for people who may work from home or need a space to meet with clients to connect with others and be productive.

Another project that could impact businesses is the Margaret Street Project, set to being in early 2023 and go into 2024. Mayor Rosenquest admits he doesn’t know what kind of impact it will have on business downtown, but the City is doing everything they can to keep people informed.

“What we’re trying to accomplish with engaging an advisory committee, as well as the amount of information we’re pushing out, is to address those concerns ahead of time, for downtown business owners and residents, so that we can respond quickly, so that we can mitigate those issues before they happen.”

Most of the underground infrastructure is set to be replaced for the Margaret Street project in 2023, with the street surface revisions set for 2024.

One business owner said he believes the new parking policy will have a positive impact on business, as it will open up parking on the street for customers, rather than always being full of employees and residents. The parking permit applications will be made available starting September 3 through the City of Plattsburgh website.