For the next 6 days, amusement rides, fair food, games, and livestock will take over the Clinton County Fairgrounds. For 7 decades, the fair has been a highlight of the summer for many New Yorkers.

“It’s about getting out, especially after this pandemic — getting back and seeing friends,” said Mike Perrotte, fair manager. “With something they’re all familiar with — everyone loves the fair.”

Perrote says employees share the same enthusiasm as fair-goers. Monday night, workers were busy assembling about 25 various rides, as well as setting up vendors for opening day.

Perrotte said the midway rides won’t start operating until 5 p.m. instead of noon on opening day. Amusements of America, the company running the rides, made the decision because of a staffing shortage. Rides will start at noon the remainder of the week.

Perrotte says inspectors from New York State will come in to do a once-over of the property to make sure every ride is functioning safely.

“These guys do it all over the country. They’re real professionals,” Perrotte said. “Everytime they set up wherever they go, they’re inspected, so as they’re as safe as they can be.”