Another cold night is ahead for the area. A few passing flurries are also possible for tonight, but most areas will remain dry. Winds will be out of the south and temperatures will slowly begin to rise as we get closer to daybreak Wednesday.

Here’s a look at what the temperatures will be like when heading out the door early Wednesday morning. Most of us will be in the upper 20s and low 30s.

Keep in mind, it’ll feel much colder when the wind blows, so be sure to bundle up during the morning hours.

Here’s a look at the school day forecast… it’ll be a bit warmer for the ride home but still will feel chilly with the wind.

Overall, a much milder day is ahead compared to the last couple of days. It certainly won’t feel like January but we’ll take it!

Looking ahead: Tracking some light snow for Friday but as of now the system looks to be a miss to the southeast of our area sparing us from any big snows.