A batch of contaminated fentanyl is making its way through the Claremont, New Hampshire area, leading to five overdoses since Friday night.

The Claremont Police say no one has died from any of the overdoses. The fentanyl may have been packaged with the scorpion stamp shown in the attached picture, but investigators say they’ve also found the drug laced within marijuana.

If you know where the bad batch may have come from, the Claremont P.D. says there are two ways you can let them know about it. You can call the Detective Bureau at (603) 542-7010 or the department’s anonymous tip line at (603) 542-7026, extension 1234.

Police say they’re also trying to combat the problem through referrals for treatment services. If you’re struggling with addiction, you can find resources from the Greater Sullivan County Public Health Network within the social media post linked earlier in this story.