A 20-year-old Montpelier man accused of stabbing another man near the city’s Transit Center appeared in court Monday. Jackson Surrell-Lever pleaded not guilty to charges and was released on conditions.

Police say Jackson Surrell-Lever called 911 Saturday to report that he encountered man who was allegedly “plotting” a murder. Dispatchers were attempting to gather more information when the call ended abruptly.

Officers later made contact with Surrell-Lever on Taylor Street. Police say he admitted to verbally accosting a man named ‘Jonathan,’ which led to a fight in the Taylor Street parking lot across the street from the Transit Center. He also admitted to pulling a knife and swinging it at ‘Jonathan’ before the two men went their separate ways.

Surrell-Lever told officers there was a teenager with ‘Jonathan,’ who he claimed was “discussing murder.” Officers reviewed surveillance footage of the alleged incident.

Just after midnight, officers were dispatched to the Montpelier Fire Department for as report by someone who claimed he had been stabbed. Officers recognized the injured man from the surveillance footage and were able to identiFy him as Jonathan Roussin, age 35, of Pennsylvania.

Police say Roussin had an injury on his back consistent with having been stabbed. He was transported to hospital for further treatment.

Officers obtained a search warrant Surrell-Lever’s residence, where they found a folding pocketknife they believe was sued in the alleged assault of Roussin.

Surrell-Lever was arrested and taken into custody Sunday. He faces charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, disorderly conduct and false reports to law enforcement. After appearing in court, he was released on conditions including a curfew and entering an alcohol treatment program.

Story is updated with details from Surrell-Lever’s court appearance