Police presence was strong following a potential threat at a school in Hinesburg. Students at the Champlain Valley Union High School scheduled a walk-out on Thursday morning to take action against gun violence but it was canceled due to a reported threat made by a Burlington student.

“The threat was that they were going to shoot up the school, and it did elaborate on other things but the main thing was shooting up the school,” said Anthony Cambridge, Chief of Police for the Hinesburg Police Department. “There was access to weapons potentially.”

Hinesburg Police say a CVU father told them a student at Burlington High School threatened his daughter, her friends, and the school Wednesday night. “I am confident that there is no immediate threat to CVU,” said Chief Cambridge. “Of course, anything is possible and that is why we are patrolling the way we are.”

Chief Cambridge says no arrests have been made but he says it won’t stop there. “We are going to try and find out if there are guns in the home and what the accessibility is.”

Julia Lamorey, a junior at CVU describe what the school day was like. “Going into school today, I thought this isn’t going to happen at CVU but it most definitely can, and I think with the threat, today puts it into more of a reality.” Lamorey says she knows friends that stayed home Thursday. “A lot of my classes, there were people missing and I went today feeling relatively alright, but I know some people have a much larger fear.”

The students still hope to walk-out Friday, and their message is “We deserve to be safe”. “We hope to see a difference,” said Lamorey. “I think in lawmakers mindsets of guns, we hope to see Republicans being more bipartisan and working with Democrats to pass gun laws that will protect children and we ant background checks. We want gun control, and gun reform.”

Hinesburg Police say the potential threat is still under investigation and they will continue to have a presence at the school.