Danville is the latest Vermont town to put a mask mandate in place. The rule went effect last night after a unanimous vote by the select board.  

For the next 45 days, people must wear a mask in all public places. However, it doesn’t apply to children under two or while eating or drinking in a restaurant. 

In a letter to business owners, the Danville Select Board says its providing posters, but stores are not required to put them up. The board didn’t respond to requests for comment on Friday. We did speak with a few businesses owners who say they didn’t feel included in the decision. 

One of them attended the meeting Thursday night.

“I feel like it’s already been a struggle, it has been extremely, extremely hard and I’m not saying I’m for it, not saying I’m against it, it just feels like it’s another obstacle to try and run a business,” said Tiffany Johnson, owner of Alzalea Sun and Massage by Tiffany in downtown Danville.

During this 45-day period the select board will vote on whether to stop or extend the mandate for an additional 30 days.  The Vermont League of Cities and Towns provided a list of communities who have adopted or plan to discuss a mandate. Charlotte, Ludlow, Montpelier and South Burlington are a few places that will take up the matter next week.