Democratic candidate for governor Brenda Seigel is rolling out her plan to support and strengthen public schools.

Siegel says if elected, she will transition from a property-tax supported education system to an income-tax based structure.

The single mother from Newfane says she is in favor of keeping the current non-residential property tax in place.

Siegel is also taking jabs at Gov. Phil Scott, saying he’s spent two years attacking the state’s public school system.

“I am working with the legislature to come up with a plan that is really the best model for our state and i don’t think that works when the governor dictates how that’s going to happen,” Siegel said. “I think we have to work with the legislature, with the unions making sure that we come up with the best plan we can.”

Siegel also plans on implementing an ethnic studies standard and will work towards centralizing various services closer to schools.