Derby Line, VT — A typical day for Larry Lewis is enjoying the outdoors. Lewis loves to skydive and partake in other activities but he has been taking it slow as of late, after he recently donated one of his kidneys.

“I have been in law enforcement and I have been in this job since 1995, and it’s a thankless job,” said Lewis. “I think it would make me feel good to know that someone appreciates something I did because we don’t get thanked a lot.”

Back in June 2021, Lewis saw a news report about a Derby Line man who needed a kidney. Hundreds of people responded, but it was Lewis who ended up a perfect match for Alain Roy. On January 26, Roy received his kidney transplant.

“Oh God, it’s great,” shared Roy. “I can’t be any better, he saved my life you know.”

Leading up to the operation, Roy’s wife Sharon had written letters to the prospective donor. “It helped me deal with what was going on, and help me process and keep me positive, that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,” said Sharon.

The letters meant a lot to Lewis, who shared some of the messages he received. “It says our hearts skip a beat at the thought of your own personal sacrifice and willingness to share a part of you to allow Alain to live a long, healthy life.” Lewis also shared a message that came with a four leaf clover. “It says you are our four leaf clover, a miracle I found it and a miracle you found us. Wow, that is powerful!”

Roy’s doctor says being a living donor makes all the difference. “Almost 100,000 people are waiting on the kidney transplant list in the United States right now. Last year we only did less than 25,000 kidney transplants, and every year a lot of people go without and every year people die on that list.”

People can live with only one kidney and it’s a gift that Roy will be grateful for the rest of his life. “People really need to step up to help people because its life changing.”

For information about becoming a living kidney donor, click here.