The actor charged in the June motorcycle crash in Dorset that killed fellow actor Treat Williams is speaking out about the situation.

Ryan Koss, 35, of Dorset is charged with grossly negligent operation with death resulting. According to the Dorset Theatre Festival’s website, Koss is its managing creative director.

In a statement provided by his lawyer, Ian Carleton, Koss begins by saying he’s devastated. He continues:

“I have known Treat for years, both as a member of this tight knit community and fellow theater maker. I considered him a friend. I know his family feels his sudden loss even more deeply than I do, and I offer my sincerest condolences to them. As for the charges filed against me, in time I am confident the facts will show I obeyed all relevant traffic laws, and the State’s charges are unwarranted.”

Koss concluded by saying that all further inquiries should be directed to Carleton out of a desire to maintain privacy. He’s due in court in September.