Elizabeth Warren begins 2020 campaigning in New Hampshire

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One of the top-tier Democratic candidates for president has just begun 2020 in the Granite State. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren visited Hanover and Concord Thursday as she continues to vie with Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg, among others.

If the federal government works extremely well for anyone with money and not very well at all for most anyone else, Warren believes this state of affairs is a product of corruption and she believes it needs to be called out publicly. “Whether it’s gun safety, whether it’s climate, whether it’s health care, student loans, if there is a decision to be made in Washington, I guarantee you it’s being influenced by money,” she said in Hanover.

Like Sanders, Warren supports Medicare for all. However, unlike Sanders, Warren has recently spoken at times of implementing the health care proposal through a series of stepping-stone measures like revamping the existing Affordable Care Act and creating a public option.

Warren would want this, and other proposals from her campaign platform, paid for through a wealth tax of 2% on every dollar of net worth over $50 million that someone has and 6% of every dollar above $1 billion. “It’s about who government works for, because here’s the thing — we have a government that works great for giant drug companies,” she said. “It’s just not working for people who are trying to get a prescription filled.”

However, Warren said she doesn’t only want to put drug companies and America’s wealthiest individual people on notice. “Last year, Amazon announced publicly that they made $10 billion in profits,” she said. “Anyone know how much they paid in taxes? Nice round number! Say it again? Zero! Anybody in here who paid a dollar in taxes paid more than Amazon.”

A veteran in the audience asked Warren what she’d do as president to bridge the different realities that different segments of our society often seem to be living in. Warren replied that she would begin by attacking what she believes are issues a majority of Americans are likely to agree are problematic. “Let’s do the anti-corruption (bill) and then let’s pass a wealth tax. Then let’s cancel student loan debt for our young people, and then let’s expand Social Security.”

Warren has no events scheduled for Friday to allow for travel to Iowa. She’s planned a swing through the Hawkeye State beginning on Saturday.

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