Elizabeth Warren courts voters in Laconia, NH

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Elizabeth Warren says she would want to do three specific things if she were elected president, and about 400 people joined her in Laconia, New Hampshire Tuesday to learn what they are.

The Massachusetts Democratic senator said she would want to attack corruption in several ways, including ending political lobbying as we know it, locking what she calls a revolving door between Wall Street and Washington, along with another way that took a jab at President Trump.

“Make every single person running for federal office post their tax returns online,” she said.

Warren calls another plank of her platform ‘safeguarding democracy’, through efforts to overturn voter suppression laws, end political gerrymandering and do away with a key 2010 U.S. Supreme Court decision.

“Overturn Citizens United,” she said. “Democracy is not for sale.”

Warren also told the audience she’d push for fundamental economic changes. She said her mother in Oklahoma was able to support a family of three by working a single minimum-wage job.

“Today, the question asked in Washington is, where do we set the minimum wage to maximize the profits of giant multinational corporations?,” she said.

Warren would want a two-cent wealth tax on every dollar of personal fortune over $50 million that anyone in the country possesses. She said such a tax would boost funding for early childhood education and K-12 schools. It would cover tuition for anyone in America who wants a technical school or college education, and it would help people who’ve already gone through the higher education system.

“We can cancel student loan debt for 95% of the folks who’ve got it,” she said.

Like Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, Warren supports Medicare-for-all that would abolish private health insurance. However, she hasn’t released a blueprint of her version. She didn’t bring that up in the town hall meeting, and the voters whose questions she took didn’t, either…but reporters did in a brief period of media availability afterward.

“I’ll have a plan out soon that shows how much Medicare-for-all costs and how it is we’re going to pay for it,” she said. “It’ll be out soon.”

Warren is campaigning elsewhere in New Hampshire on Wednesday, visiting the UNH campus in Durham. Her campaign says this is her twentieth trip to the Granite state since entering the presidential race.

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