Habitat for Humanity of Addison County is partnering with a Vergennes family to build a new home on Booth Woods near the Ferrisburgh town line.

For their part, Kameron Thompson and Kameron Gutierrez will be pitching in 400 hours of “sweat equity” alongside Habitat volunteers to help construct the 3-bedroom, 1,200-square-foot home. Once it’s complete, they’ll be able to buy it from Habitat with an interest-free mortgage.

“Anytime we have the chance to come over here and work — we’re very excited,” Gutierrez said. “There’s nothing better than building your own home.”

Thompson said she loves learning new things and getting her hands dirty.

“I’ve never used a drill impact before,” Thompson said. “I was helping somebody with a saw earlier, which was pretty awesome!”

The couple and their three children will likely be able to move in sometime next spring.

“It’s really helpful,” Thompson said. “We have three kids, so saving money — and especially here in Vermont, where it’s so expensive — it’s going to be so helpful for our future and our life.”

Habitat has a long-standing partnership with Middlebury College. As part of that partnership, architecture students at Middlebury designed the house.

“Good job to the kids, too! They did a good job designing the place,” Gutierrez said. “Looking at it, it looks really nice. The shed is awesome; I like the shed!”

The large shed on the property was designed and built by Middlebury students, along with students from Columbia, the University of Virginia and Virginia Tech, among other schools.

Habitat for Humanity of Addison County plans to build three more homes on that same road in the near future. You can find the eligibility guidelines for those homes by clicking here.