Fire department rescues Rutland boy’s remote control car

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8-year-old Kylor Church had been anxiously awaiting his new remote control car to come in the mail.
“I really wanted to play with it as soon as I got it,” Kylor said.
But when he did, something went terribly wrong.
“Not even two minutes later, the sewer drain across the street, it kind of just slid right into it,” said Bridget Bushey, Kylor’s mom. 
Kylor and his mom thought his new toy, which he spent some of his own money on, had gone down the drain forever.
“I was not happy,” Kylor said.
“We both looked at each other in total devastation and the day was kind of ruined,” Bushey said.
Thinking of anything to help her son, Bushey contacted the city for help and the Rutland City Fire Department stepped in.
“We did what we do on all calls, we just try to help the community,” said Kyle Robillard, a firefighter with the department.
“This was something where we were like ‘we have to do this just to make this child’s day better,’” said Jenna Elliot, another firefighter.
Four firefighters showed up outside Kylor’s house in their truck to help. Using just a few hooks, they were able to fish Kylor’s truck out of the drain. 
“The lights were on still so we were like the cars going to work, but we could see it because the headlights were still on,” Elliot said.
“They got their tools, lifted the drain up, and made my day,” Bushey said.
Kylor’s car came out good as new and he was able to take it for a spin. He had a message for the firemen who saved the day.
“Thank you,” Kylor said. “Thank you for doing that, I’m really happy they did that for me.”
It was a call the firefighters say they won’t forget.
“It’s one of the better calls I’ve gone on in my career,” Robillard said. “Just seeing the smile on the boy’s face and the car still worked, which was great.”

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