Registered dietitian Val “The No Diet Dietitian” explains how to pack some nutrients into your kid’s lunch box.

Tip #1 – Organize

“I used to be the mom that packed a million Tupperware and you’d have to wash a million Tupperware,” Val says. She tells us, now, she uses a bento-style lunchbox. It has multiple compartments, which keeps her kid’s food separated and insolated, all in one place.

Tip #2 – Pick easy-to-eat foods

Val makes the point that most children don’t have a lot of time to eat at school, typically about 15 minutes. So, the dietitian recommends parents avoid foods that require a bunch of chomping, “think baby carrots; they’re easy to pack, but they take a lot of chew and a lot of crunch. I like to stick to things that are easy to eat in a confined amount of time.”

Tip #3 – Choose a well-rounded meal

The dietitian hones in on the importance of a well-balanced meal. She explains, “we want to be giving our kids some sort of carbohydrate, a protein source, a healthy fat, and I like to give some sort of antioxidant, so a fruit or vegetable.” Val also mentions, packing a small treat with your child’s lunch can help them feel satisfied, without spoiling their appetite.

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