Val “The No Diet Dietitian” shares advice on how to improve your overall well-being with a few simple steps. She says, “I want us to ditch the all-or-nothing mentality and choose sustainable change that we can implement today.”

The dietitian’s first tip is to eat more fruit! She tells us fruit helps us get potassium and fiber into our diets, which improve heart and gut health. Val theorizes the reason why so few people are eating enough fruit is due to a fear of sugar, but she explains, in moderation, that sugar is necessary. She says, “our brain(s) needs 480 calories of glucose, that’s the primary source of carbohydrate, every single day.” Val suggests striving towards eating two fruits a day.

Val’s next tip involves changing the way you think, “…I have to go to the gym, versus, I get to be strong and fit… that perspective shift allows us to create these habits that are going to make you go forward.” The dietitian says the people who tend to struggle the most are those who beat themselves up. Instead, she suggests folks walk into nutrition and fitness with a positive mindset.

Lastly, “accountability really helps when making changes,” Val says. She recommends building a support system that will help you create changes that last. Val says, some people turn to Facebook groups, Instagram, or adopt a buddy system.

If you’re still looking for support with your diet/nutrition, you can visit Val’s website, Or, for advice on losing weight in a safe manner, click here.