Registered Dietitian, Val “The No Diet Dietitian”, is sharing some tips on how to lose weight ahead of the summer, without feeling restricted.

Tip #1 – Evaluate what you’re already eating

Val recommends folks ask themselves where they struggle most, “Is it dinnertime when you feel like you’re overeating?… Is it after dinner and you feel like you’re snacking?”

Along with identifying areas you find challenging, she also stresses holding onto the positive habits you already have. She says, “You’re probably doing some really good things. Rather than taking a diet, which starts from scratch, let’s evaluate where we can make some changes.”

Tip #2 – Plan ahead

“Imagine a summer without creemees! To me, that’s no fun. So, what I like to do is plan for when you want to be having those more exciting foods. Most of the time, we just cut them out and say ‘I’m never going to have a creemee, I’m not going to have a creemee!’. That’s unrealistic…” Val says.

The dietitian suggests folks come up with a schedule for when they want to indulge. For example, if you want to have chocolate every day, plan around that.

Tip #3 – Load-up on the veggies!

Val says having 2 cups of, and 2 colors, of vegetables at lunch and dinner will help you feel more full, get your nutrients in, and curve cravings.

She says, “Let try to get in all these summer-fresh veggies, have our tomato salads, have our beautiful asparagus on the grill…”

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