Registered dietitian, Val “The No Diet Dietitian” is breaking down why you may have hit a wall in your weigh-loss journey.

Her first piece of advice is that you simply may not be eating enough. “We always say calories in, calories out and that that does play out play a role, but sometimes we are eating too little and it literally shifts our body to starvation mode,” Val says.

Next on the list, receptiveness. The dietitian says sometimes you need to consult an expert to troubleshoot any problems in your routine before doing the same thing over and over again.

Val’s last tidbit points out the problematic nature of having weekend ‘fun foods’, “Weekends turn into half of the week. If we’re talking, Friday night, Saturday and Sunday, and we’re having fun foods because we don’t really love the foods we’re eating during the week, that is the main problem.” The dietitian suggests making every meal you eat enjoyable, so your diet is more sustainable.

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