In a special edition of Forever Home, as we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving in whatever way we are able, we catch up with King…a dog who found safety at Rutland County Humane Society after starting his life as a stray.

It was back in May that King landed here at Rutland County Humane Society: a stray puppy with a host of health issues including a severely injured leg. But King has come full circle. He’s made it down that long road to recovery and we are happy to report, He’s found his forever home.

“She said he’s going to be a project and I said well luckily I’ve got time for a project. I’m looking for a project so let’s do it.”

The moment Hannah Abrams said yes to King was the beginning of his fairy tale ending. One that was months in the making. When the two met, King had already recovered from mange and other skin infections then faced down a major orthopedic surgery in late July to repair that old fracture we showed you in the first chapter of his story. At the time abrams was just looking to foster. She brought him home and the two slowly got acquainted

“I cleared my schedule that afternoon so that I could just sit next to him while he was in the crate. I’ve got a couple of selfie pictures of me laying on the floor with him. The other dog came along too and the three of us took a nap,” Abrams said.

King’s body and soul needed time to heal. And though there were glimmers of his lovable personality from the start, Abrams said it took awhile for him to fully come out of his shell. But all the while, a bond was forming.

“I knew he needed somebody who could devote time. and my heart wanted to be there and do that for him. over time he showed me who he was and then yeah my heart melted.”

“It’s amazing. He looks fabulous. He’s happy and his leg is fixed. His coat is nice and thick. He filled out. It’s why we work here. We work here for a lot of reasons but it’s amazing to see a dog like King get all the care and love and attention he needs and turn that corner,” said Executive Director Beth Saradarian.

Abrams and Saradarian both say it never would have happened without the community stepping up to save hime.

“I’m so glad that people donated so he could be a part of my life. Well done everybody,’ Abrams said.