In this week’s Forever Home we head to the North Country Animal League to meet a giant puppy at heart named Blake. He knows how to keep himself busy, and will throw a tennis ball around on his own to chase after.

Blake is a one and a half year old neutered male. He is originally from a southern shelter. He had been in a home for about a month before realizing that it wasn’t the right fit. 

“He was a bit more energetic and is definitely in need of a little bit more training,” Emily Peterson, Adoptions Manager said. “He is a very sweet guy and is so smart, he clearly wants to learn and be someone’s best friend.”

Right now Blake is in the beginning stages of training. The shelter has a trainer they work with on site. Blake is working on his manners and greeting people with four paws on the ground instead of two. 

The perfect home would be some that is consistent with his training. 

“He would do really well with shorter doses of training or if it was a longer session having a few breaks to keep his concentration on the training,” Peterson said. “He does well with older kids. I think he would be the perfect dog.”

If you are interested in Blake, contact the North Country Animal League.