In this week’s Forever Home we head to the Central Vermont Humane Society to meet a bonded pair looking for a home they can share together, as they begin to enter their golden years. 

Their names are Dany and Gus. They are Alaskan Malamutes. Erika Holm, the director of operations said they have been at the shelter for over a month. 

“One of the reasons that their stay has been a little longer is because we are looking to adopt them together, they have lived their whole life together,” Holm said. 

Dany is an eight-year-old female and Gus is a seven-year-old male.

They came from the same breeder but the humane society isn’t sure if they are related.

“They do great together,” Holm said. “They really love each other’s company. They have a really wonderful relationship, whereas Dany she’s not really tolerant of other dogs. She really likes Gus but, unlike other dogs that she meets, she’s not so happy about it. For Gus it depends.” 

They both do wonderful on walks, and are very curious. They need lots of exercise. 

The perfect home would be someone that has a fenced in yard. 

“So that they can be out and relaxed, but they love walks,” Holm said. “So somebody that really wants to be active and take a lot of walks. It’s really hard to be a malamute in the summer so it would help if you have a cool home. Also outdoor winter activities because that’s what they are built for.” 

They have been around other children in the past and there haven’t been any issues. ALthough they don’t do well with cats or other small animals.

If you are interested in Dany and Gus contact the Central Vermont Humane Society.