In this week’s Forever Home we meet a very special five-year-old kitty named Delilah at the Humane Society of Chittenden County. Delilah came in as a stray several weeks ago.

“We don’t have a lot of history on her so it’s kind of a question mark as to whether she’d be good with cats, dogs, or small children. She likes affection when she wants affection so I would say maybe not a house with small children. Or if you have children it’s a matter of educating them,” said Director of Volunteer and Community Outreach Erin Alamed. “Giving Delilah her space if she needs space. All of that. She likes her treats. When I came in today to see her she was on a chair that was tented with a blanket so she likes her little hide-aways, and getting away and taking her naps. You can see she doesn’t have a tail. We are not sure if she was born without one or if it was amputated somehow. That’s unclear. But it is healed and she is fine. She lives a perfectly fine life without the tail.”

Reading Delilah’s mood might be a little more challenging since tail motion indicates a cat’s mood and level of energy or arousal. But Alamed says there are other aspects of a cat’s body language to watch out for.

“It could be ear positioning too. A lot of the twitching of the ears, the ears going out and back. And just the rest of her body, so if you are are going to pet her and she’s ducking or backing away, or if she is stock-still that is another clear indication that she is all set. What’s great is she is pretty clear about it.”

Delilah certainly does have a softer side as Beth found out later in the interview but that may take time to come out so be patient. All animals need time to adjust to a new home and new people. Delilah has no special medical needs. If you’d like to meet her you can make an appointment to meet her at the Humane Society of Chittenden County.