In this week’s Forever Home we head across the lake to the Elmore SPCA to meet a young dog who has overcome a rough start in life and is as loving as she is beautiful. Sapphire is a Newfoundland mix that was pulled from an animal hoarding situation where she lived with numerous other dogs. But all of that is behind her now.

“Sapphire is a wonderful dog who loves attention as you can see. She is about 4 years old and she arrived here at Elmore on August 24th. She is part of a seizure. She is an 80-pound lap dog and she was living with a lot of dogs so she is used to having a lot of dogs to contend with. She came from a household with about 20 adult dogs and she is one of those “middle of the road” dogs. She was not taking a lot of guff from anybody but she also wasn’t being a bully or being dominant,” said Shelter manager Rebecca Burdo.

Indeed, anyone who meets Sapphire will immediately see this girl for the precious jewel she is. The sweetness simply pours off of her.

She loves kids. She loves cats. She loves dogs and she is a cuddler. She engages with people very well and she likes to lean in which is a very common trait with Newfies,” Burdo said.

While Sapphire needs a little work on her leash manners, Burdo says no worries there as this gorgeous girl is proving to be a champ at obedience training. 

“The smallest little tug on her leash and she responds. My team has been working with her really diligently and let me tell you she is incredibly smart. And the more she is with you the more she wants to please you,” Burdo said.

Sapphire has had puppies in the past but is now spayed. She is also microchipped and has tested negative for heartworm and tick-borne diseases including Lyme disease. Happy and touting a clean bill of health, all Sapphire still needs to turn the page on her past is a new home that will show her all the love she so readily shows to others.

Burdo says Sapphire even enjoys bath time. If you’d like to meet her you can make an appointment with Elmore SPCA