In this week’s Forever Home we head to the Pope Memorial Frontier Animal Shelter in Orleans to meet a two-year-old dog named Jeb. He was a stray and is looking for a loving family to take him home. 

Jeb is a hound mix and is very much a puppy in a large body. He knows a few basic commands, but he does need some help when it comes to not jumping on people. He gets very excited when he meets new people, and he hasn’t figured out what personal space is yet. 

He needs to find a home where there are no kittens, for he feels they are for chasing and no dogs. Due to him being rambunctious and not quite spatially aware, he would do well with children ten and older. 

“So, he has been here for a few months now, the biggest thing about him is he is just a goofball, he is so much fun to be around,” Mallory Lancaster, PMFAS Staff member said. “As staff we don’t know why he is still here because he is fun. He is a good boy that needs a family so he could bring his happiness and joy into.” 

Right now, their kennel is completely full of dogs, and they are encouraging more people to adopt. You can learn more about Jeb here.