In this week’s Forever Home, we are at the North Country Animal League to meet a senior kitty who is looking for a safe and loving home to spend her golden years.

Little Kitty is 16 years young and as sweet as can be. 

“We believe that she is at the height of her golden years. She is looking for the perfect retirement home to go to,” said Development and Communications Manager Lusana Masrur.

Surrendered by her owners after struggling to adjust to their new home, Little Kitty has made herself comfortable at the NCAL but would love a quiet new home of her own.

“She is a senior kitty so I think she is meant for a specific kind of family who is looking for someone quiet and calm. Someone who is happy being a couch kitty laying in your lap watching the days go by,” Masrur said.

In addition to lots of peace and quiet, an indoor-only lifestyle is best for Little Kitty since her front two paws are declawed and she’d likely do best as the only animal in the home. She’s ok with kids as long as they are gentle with her and respect her needs. 

“We just want to make sure that the rest of her few years is as comfortable and happy as it can be.”

People often shy away from adopting senior animals but it’s important to note that senior animals have plenty of love left to give, and really deserve to spend whatever years they have left in a loving home. So for anyone interested in Little Kitty who may hesitate to adopt her because of her age, Masrur had this to say.

“Personally I prefer senior cats. They have a lot of love to give and seem to appreciate you more. There’s just really nothing more comforting and rewarding than being able to make a really big difference in an animal’s life. And Little Kitty just deserves it all. I think any home that she goes to would be really really lucky and privileged to have her. 

If you think your home is the purrfect place for Little Kitty, you can meet her at the North Country Animal League.