In this week’s Forever Home we head to the Pope Memorial Frontier Animal Shelter in Orleans to meet a dog named Ozzy. He is extremely food motivated. He is looking for a stable home that he will be able to call his own forever. 

“Ozzy is a five year old pit bull,” Samantha Christoni, shelter manager said. “He is really energetic, he is really sweet. “He is a mix between having good play energy, he loves toys. And then he is also the happy medium between being playful and also liking to be a couch potato.”  

Ozzy has been at the Pope Memorial Frontier Animal Shelter for a few months. This is his second time around back at the shelter. He was in a home for four years and their living circumstances changed. He was originally a transport from Texas. 

“He can’t have any other dog contact,” Christoni said. “He is really reactive to them. With us humans he is incredible. He is a very sweet boy.”

There is much stigma that pit bulls face, which leads to them not getting adopted as often. 

“Especially in Northern Vermont it is a little bit tougher to rehome pit bulls,” Christoni said. “Their is that negative thought that a lot of people have that they are tough. That whole jaw locking myth. But they are actually very sweet dogs. A lot of them are docile. Our kennels happen to be 80% pitbull right now, but they have a tougher time finding a forever home.”

The perfect home for Ozzy would be one where he is the only animal. 

“He has lived with kids in the past, we do think older kids,” Christoni said. “He is like a wrecking ball. He does not know his size, and he will not hesitate before barreling into you. He is such a good boy we just like helping him on his journey to find a forever home”

If you are interested in Ozzy, contact the Pope Memorial Frontier Animal Shelter.