In this week’s Forever Home we head north to the Franklin County Animal Rescue to meet a senior dog whose heart was broken when she lost her family. But her rescuers are determined to help her find a new beginning.

“She came to us after a very good life with her owner who unfortunately passed away,” said Shelter Manager Rory Merrick. 

Roxie actually started her life in a shelter, but her previous owner adopted her and showered her with love until she lost him. Roxie is now hoping to bring her gentle sweetness to a new home.

“She loves everyone. She is good with other dogs as long as they are not too excitable or loud. It makes her a little bit nervous but she is still very sweet and very polite with them. She’s good with cats and she’s definitely good with kids,” Merrick said.

Though she’s far past the puppy-like enthusiasm of her younger years, Roxie’s definitely got plenty of life left to live. She simply prefers belly rubs over rough and tumble time now. She does have some arthritis in her back end but takes a joint supplement to help with that

“She lost her family but we’re hoping we can find her another good one,” Merrick said.

Franklin County Animal Rescue is closed to the public. If you’re interested in adopting Roxie, you can fill out an application online and make an appointment to meet her.