In this week’s Forever Home we head to the North Country Animal League to meet a cat named Toothless. He was named after the dragon from the movie How to Train Your Dragon and he is just as playful and smart as his namesake. 

“Toothless is a local stray from Lamoille County,” Emily Peterson, adoptions manager said. “He had been hanging out between a few properties for several months and was always super friendly. Always came right up asking for head rubs and he loves attention.”

He has been at the humane society for under a month. He is about two-years-old and is looking for a lap to cuddle on. 

He would do well inside or outdoors. 

“He would enjoy having an opportunity to explore the outside,” Peterson said. “If you could have a catio to have that safe exposure, is always a good option.” 

He is a love bug with a goofy personality. The perfect home for him would be a family. 

“I think someone who wants a friendly affectionate kitty,” Peterson said. “He will be a good shadow and keep everyone entertained, he is so sweet.” 

If you are interested in Toothless contact the North Country Animal League.