Killington, VT — Racers from across the world will be at Killington Resort this weekend to compete in the Fox US Open of Mountain Biking. Competing athletes have raced in the western part of the U.S., Europe, and Africa, but racers say they are very excited to bike down the mountains in the Green Mountain State.

Competitions will feature high-speed races down mountains, and sometimes even high jumps. The last time that the Killington Resort hosted the Fox US Open of Mountain Biking was in 2018.

Longtime racer Neko Mulally who will be competing this weekend won in 2018 and despite being from North Carolina, his bike was made in Vermont.

Ashley Stearns, a racer who hails from the Greater Killington area says she cannot wait to compete with the best from around the world in her neck of the woods.

Some races include the Enduro, the Red Bull Best Whip, and the Dual Slalom. The US Open will run from Thursday, September 15, through Saturday, September 18. Spectators are encouraged to come out in numbers and spectating is free.

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