Massive pumpkins will be on full display at the Annual Vermont Giant Pumpkin Growth competition this Saturday in Colchester. Some pumpkins submitted are estimated to weigh over 1,500 pounds.

Every year, pumpkin enthusiasts may buy pumpkins that weigh around 15 pounds, but the ones grown by VGPGA contestants are in a different league.

“Boatowners talk about buying a foot with another boat, I think vegetable owners want to grow another 50-100 lbs,” said John Young, a competitor from Jericho.

Seasoned pumpkin growers provided tips for those looking to start. “You need a good seed, they need a good air lube, dills Atlantic giants seed, you need good soil, plenty of nutrients, and good water drainage,” said Ethan Nelson, a competitor from Brandon. 

Other advice given is to join a local pumpkin growing club and to find a mentor.

Young estimates his pumpkin to weigh over 1,500 pounds. “This is the best hobby I’ve ever stumbled into.”

“It just brings a lot of smiley faces and people have a great time,” says Jenna Baird, a competitor from North Chittenden. “Out of our stressful world, we have work issues, political issues. When people see a giant pumpkin, a 17-foot sunflower, people smile.” 

According to pumpkin growers, some pumpkins can grow up to 50 pounds within 24 hours during their peak growth.

The weigh-in will kick off on Saturday at the Sam Mazza Farm in Colchester at noon. Those participating need to submit their vegetables before noon.