Burlington, VT — Glass blowers from all over the country showed off their talents in Burlington, as the Bern Gallery on Main Street celebrates the 15th year of the world’s first-ever, longest-running competitive glass-blowing competition.

The event takes place over one week and they have 12 hours broken up into two hears to create an original glass masterpiece. The only rule for the event is that the final pipe needs to be functional.

Daniel Coyle, an artist from Massachusetts described how he approached the competition.

“This took me twelve hours to make, which was insane for me to do,” Coyle said. “Normally a piece like this would take seven days. I would put more details into it. The reason why I do monkeys is that it’s always been my favorite animal and when I was trying to learn sculpture that was what I wanted to make.” 

This is the final year of the competition, as the gallery prepares to begin selling recreational cannabis in October.