Staffers at Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont could walk off the job after voting to authorize a strike last week.

Members of the Goddard College Staff Union, who are part of United Auto Workers Local 2322, unanimously passed the vote to authorize a strike, as well as a vote of no confidence in the college’s president, Dan Hocoy.

Union members say they’ve been asking college administrators for a 3 percent raise since May to keep pace with inflation, but that administrators are refusing unless the workers give up their right to negotiate on working conditions.

“This current administration is sort of distancing itself from what I believe are the progressive values of the college,” said Manuel O’Neill, the Co-Chair of the Goddard College Staff Union. “We will defend our workers, our members working conditions and salaries, but we also recognize that we’re part of a larger community, the Goddard community.

“We’ve recognized some members who work in vital departments that they’re not at market value -/ their wages are not competitive with comparable, at comparable other institutions.”

Patrick Burke, the president of United Auto Workers Local 2322, said members’ enthusiasm for the college “is held back by, you know, a leadership that doesn’t listen.”

Staff union members say there’s no timeline for striking.

We reached out to the Goddard College administration for comment, but are still waiting to hear back.