In her 2022 State of the State address, Governor Kathy Hochul joined elected officials in the Assembly Chambers to lay out her vision and priorities for New Yorkers.

While the pandemic was at the forefront of her address, she also talked about making New York more affordable. “This agenda is for you. Every single initiative is filtered through the lens of how to help you and your families. I know you’re exhausted and want this pandemic to be over. I know you’re worried about the economy, inflation, your kids, their education, and what the future holds.”

Among those initiatives, Gov. Hochul vows to grow the healthcare force by 20 percent over five years by investing $10 billion dollars. The money will be spread out for pay raises, bonuses and improving lab capacity.

The State also plans to provide free tuition for those high-demand health fields.

Gov. Hochul also said that New York will work to combat homelessness by putting up 100,000 affordable homes and speed up tax cuts to the middle class.