On Tuesday, Governor Phil Scott unveiled his newest transportation bill in South Hero, which will invest $868 million into Vermont roads and transportation systems. “This year’s transportation budget is the largest Vermont has ever seen.”

Much of the money will come from the Federal Infrastructure and Jobs Act and the Federal Highway Administration. The bill includes over $150 million for paving improvements and over $50 million for Vermont road intersections construction.

The South Hero construction site between Route 2 and Ferry Road is just one of many projects across the Green Mountain State that will be funded by Scott’s transportation bill. Kelsi Record, an engineer from V-Trans says they are trying to make roads safer and less congested.

”There’s a lot of traffic as the summer approaches. The islands are a great place to be. There’s been an increase in ferry traffic.” 

The project aims to add a left turning lane to prevent cars from using the biking lane to pass cars on the right. “Pretty much the main goal of this project is to improve the safety of all commuters and everybody getting through this intersection,” said Record. “The town of South Hero has been happy with this project.” 

Zeberiah Snow, a South Hero resident says he’s always seen traffic at this intersection and that he’s happy to see the left lane being added. “It’s been a hassle just like any progress getting through this intersection.  “We’ve got bikers out here on the island. We want them to be safe and sound and let them get where they get to go without that extra lane, it wouldn’t be possible.” 

Snow has been happy to see traffic disruption minimized. “It has been amazing, the flow of traffic continues throughout this whole traffic. It’s been incredible looking out for us so our crew coming by here 20 times a day.”

Record says transportation is important, especially in a rural state. “Getting to and from the mountains and lakes, everybody likes being outdoors so it’s always nice to be able to get to these places.” 

An engineer from V-Trans has said, drivers should be cautious when passing these construction sites. Construction at the intersection of Ferry Road and Route 2 began in mid-April and they believe it will be completed by mid-September but they’ll continue to allow two-lane traffic.