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Green Mountain Power shoots for 100% renewable by 2030

Colchester, Vt - Vermont's Green Mountain Power has announced that it will seek to have a carbon-free energy supply by the year 2025, with the goal of reaching 100 percent renewable by 2030.

The company, which serves about three-quarters of the state's electric customers, made the announcement Saturday at it's annual 'Earth Day Every Day' fair in South Burlington.

GMP says it's energy supply is currently 90 percent carbon free and about 60 percent renewable. The company says it plans to boost its local energy generation and battery storage to achieve these goals.

To mee the goals, GMP will purchase more carbon-free wind and hydro energy. 

The state of Vermont has set a goal of getting 90 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2050, including heat and transportation.

Vermont's Washington Electric cooperative and the Burlington Electric Department reached the 100 percent renewable goal in 2014.

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