Law enforcement authorities believe the stolen handgun reportedly used in a late September gunfire incident in Burlington was used again in a Pennsylvania shooting eight days later.

According to the Caledonian-Record, the information came to light in U.S. District Court in Burlington when Talbert Hill, 43, of Philadelphia asked to be released on conditions while federal drug charges are pending against him. The disclosure involves the gun Oscar Delgado, Jr.; 39, of Burlington is accused of firing on Saint Paul Street on September 29. Prior to that incident, in which no one was hurt, the weapon had reportedly been stolen from a parked vehicle at the city-owned Marketplace Garage.

A federal prosecutor told a judge that in order to settle a drug debt, the gun Delgado is believed to have used was traded to Hill shortly after the Burlington incident. A former cellmate of Hill’s is accused of using that same weapon to shoot a man in a Philadelphia suburb on October 7. The suspect in that case is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Hill is due in court in Burlington on November 20 for a probable cause hearing in his federal drug case.