St. Albans, VT — The St. Albans Hard’ack Recreation Center had its grand opening for their new pool on Monday. Campers and people in the community were able to jump in and many claim they have been dreaming of this moment for years.

The St. Albans community had been adamant in their desire for a community pool for years, and city leaders said this project has been nearly two decades in the making.

“We happen to have in the last 20 or so years people running our government here who have visions and have put things together,” said Kaki Hutchinson. “This is just one of many things that is happening in St. Albans.” 

Many within the Hard’ack credit the city, as their continued support helped push the plan for Vermont’s first indoor-outdoor pool forward.

“Lots of opportunity, what’s the vision? Somebody that came to our town got involved, got hired,” said John Holzscheiter, President of Hard’ack Recreation. “He saw that vision. He envisioned the field of dreams.” 

The individual he was referring to is Dominic Cloud, the St. Albans City Manager. “One of the best ideas came out of a crisis,” said Cloud. “Five years ago, our city pool almost didn’t open. It was literally held together with duct tape and fish and twine. We said this can never happen again.” 

Holzscheiter said he and Cloud helped bring a dog park, disc golf course, various trails, and other programs along with the pool in the past decade.

Kelly Veins, the Director of Hard’ack Recreation added there will be an inflatable dome over the pool to make it usable in the winter.

Members of the community and city leaders say this new addition will help them become a “community of distinction.”