Heading out on the ice? Is it really safe?

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There is no such thing as safe ice but that hasn’t stopped many eager to get a head start on this winter season, already getting out on area lakes and ponds.

Already freezing up thanks to a chilly start to the season, Mike Akerlind, Assistant Team Leader of the Colchester Technical Rescue Team, warns folks to know how much ice is between them and the water below before stepping out.

A general guideline is that safe ice for a person to walk on is at least 4 inches thick as for snow machines the experts recommend 5 inches, 8 to 12 inches for a small car or truck.

If you do choose to risk it Akerlind says preparing for the worst can help save your life.

“Anytime you’re out on the water or out on the ice rather it’s going to be good to let somebody know where you’re going where you’re going to park the vehicle how your accessing that spot and what time you plan on being back so if you don’t come back we at least have a place to start looking for somebody,” said Akerlind.

If you do fall through the ice, Ackerlind says you have about 60 seconds before your body goes into shock and hypothermia starts to kick in.

Making sure you have ice picks can help to pull yourself out of the water.

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