With less daylight in the winter months, it’s important for drivers to be able to see people walking, running, or biking on the side of the road.

To keep pedestrians and bikers safe, the Department of Health’s has launched a initiative called Be Bright at Night in which it will offer free reflectors. A public health specialist for the department began the initiative when she noticed not many pedestrians wear reflectors in the dark.

“When it’s dangling, the light will catch it and it’s better for you to see,” said Beate Ankjaer-Jensen. “On the side, it will be seen from both the front and the back.”

Allie Breyer of the Health Department’s Injury Prevention Program says car crashes at night are a leading cause of injury in the state. Speeding, not paying attention, driving impaired, and inadequate lighting are all factors in deadly crashes.

“In the fall and winter months, we of course have a lot less daylight, so there’s a higher chance that crashes and tragedies could occur,” she said. “So we all need to work on adjusting our driving habits, walking and biking habits, so we can keep each other safe.”

To stay safe when you’re walking or biking on the roads at night, Breyer says to wear light-colored clothing, bring a flashlight on walks, be aware of cars around you, and wear your reflectors.

Hand-out dates and locations can be found on the initiatives website.