As Christmas Eve is only a week away, one thing to keep in mind is the safety of your furry friends. Whether it’s your dog drinking water from your Christmas tree or your cat playing with the tinsel, some holiday foods and decorations can be dangerous for their health. 

Holiday cookies, cake and anything with chocolate can be toxic. Dr. Erin Forbes at Mountain View Animal Hospital said ham and roast beef can cause problems for your pets. 

“We’re tempted I know, and I am guilty of this as well,” Dr. Forbes said. “Christmas dinner, we want to share a little bit with your pet, just being really careful with any food that’s fatty because that could cause them that pancreatitis, where their pancreas gets inflamed because they are not used to eating those rich foods.” 

Holiday decor like tinsel can cause serious harm to cats. 

“Also being cautious with using tinsel on your Christmas tree because it’s shiny cats like to eat that and that can cause a body abtruction that needs surgery to resolve,” Dr. Forbes said. 

Dr. Forbes also said if you have cats keep them away from candles because it’s common for them to catch their tails on fire.

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