“Quite frankly, I’m angry,” Dean Powers said in an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital. “If you can get killed on a bike path in Castleton, Vermont, you can get killed anywhere.”

Powers is the son of Honoree Fleming, who was found dead on the B&H Rail Trail in Castleton on October 5. Autopsy results showed she’d been shot in the head.

Powers asked, “How does this happen, and why do people feel emboldened to take the life of a 77-year-old woman in broad daylight on a trail?”

Fleming’s body was found about a mile south of the Vermont State University Castleton campus. Her son said she was very familiar with the location.

“The trail that she was on, she walked on almost every day,” he said. “So, it’s just inexplicable that it would happen in broad daylight.”

Fleming was a retired former dean at what was then known as Castleton State College. Powers said the notion that she’s passed away still hasn’t quite hit home yet.

“Mom was my rock,” he said. “Mom was my confidant. Mom was my mentor. I loved her, and I’m shocked that she’s gone.”

The killer is still at large. Vermont State Police and personnel from a wide range of law enforcement agencies are pursuing dozens of leads that have come in since the release last week of a sketch of a person of interest.

Police describe him as a 5’10” White man in his twenties with short red hair whom they believe to be armed and dangerous. Powers said he’s grateful for the investigators’ efforts and added three words of advice for the person responsible.

“Turn yourself in,” he said. “Do the right thing. You know, face the consequences for your actions. You’re going to run from this for the rest of your life. I’m not going to give up the search for this guy.”

Powers cited the fiber of our being as a society during the interview. He noted at one point, “I really think that we’ve had a moral decline in our country.”

ABC 22 and Fox 44 News does not have access to the conversation with Powers in its entirety. Fox News Digital granted permission on Thursday to share selected excerpts of the interview.