April 18 is the deadline for Vermonters to file taxes. While many Vermonters pay their taxes online, there are some that use independent accountants as well.

“I do mine online and goes and is back within no time,” said Jennie Taylor. She says she’s been doing it online for four years. “I want to stay home and do it. That’s the way it is and it’s easy.” 

Gregory Desiato, a junior at Champlain College uses a family accountant. “Right now, I’m a college student so most of his taxes are handled by my parents.” Desiato says the pandemic did not change the way he files taxes. “It’s remained about the same. I think some fees probably went up a little bit.” He added he doesn’t think about filing taxes too much since he’s still a college student. “Since it’s not a worry now, I do not think about it too much but in the future I think about it.”  

Desiato says he would still probably get a family accountant as he likes the personal connection. “I like having that one-on-one with somebody rather than a corporation or anything like that. I feel like it’s more personal.”  

Daniel Good, a Vermont airport worker uses a local independent company. “They take care of my expenses, make sure my traveling expense is taken care of there. They know their stuff.”  

Going to the same accountant was a family tradition. “My grandparents went to the same lady. My dad went to the same lady.” Good also says she could know him on a closer basis than national firms. “I was a dairy farmer so she knew exactly what to look for and to make the most out of the income coming in and take advantage of what’s out there.” 

A Time 2 Play survey conducted a study to determine which state contains the biggest tax procrastinators to file their taxes and found that Vermont was in the middle of the pack on filing taxes on time.

[Ben Treanor/Digital PR, Staretgist Time 2 Play] “Actually got the inspiration from the Simpsons, where Homer forgets his taxes and did it last minute,” said Ben Treanor, Digital PR and Strategist of Time2Play. “Really reminds me which Americans file their taxes at the last moment.” 

“Vermont wasn’t super early as somewhere like Alabama, Louisiana, New Mexico or super late like Oregon, New York or Minnesota.”  

Good was one of the early birds and already submitted his taxes. “I got my tax code quickly and everything worked out.” He wants to see more people using independent firms. “Support your local independent companies your little mal pal stores because they working so hard.”  

One accountant says the housing market is a major challenge for Vermonters. Homeowners are being forced to pay capital gains taxes selling their homes, which prevents people from collecting more money from their taxes. He also warned of scammers and say people should be wary of phone callers claiming to be the IRS.

If you fear the call could be legitimate, hang up and call their number directly. His final advice to Vermonters is to reach out to tax professionals to get sound advice on their filings.